Steve's Jewish/Israel Activism

"Next year in Jerusalem"

Passover Seder / Yom Kippur's Ne'ila Service

Founder: Jewish Culture and Heritage Foundation, Inc.
Las Vegas, Nevada

Steve Schiffman is the founder and pro bono CEO of Las Vegas-based non-profit JCHF whose premise is: "A United People for a Common Vision!". A non-profit, clearinghouse of Jewish Heritage, Culture, and Arts, worldwide, JCHF believes it is important to make available, internationally, the creative works that promote universal understand and appreciation of Jewish Heritage, Culture, and Arts.

Founder: Shalom Vegas
Las Vegas, Nevada

With Steve as Shalom Vegas' pro bono publisher/editor, the online publication is scheduled to debut in mid 2018 as Las Vegas' "New Jewish Voice" for news and events. It will be the comprehensive weekly news source for all of Las Vegas' Jewish Community.

United Jewish Appeal
New York, New York

Steve Schiffman provided media, fundraising and community outreach services for the benefit of Israel and the Jewish people in need.

Co-Founder: Jewish Discoveries Inc.
Las Vegas, Nevada

As co-founder of this non-profit video-focused website, Steve actively provides travel and human interest articles, videos, and radio reports relating to discosvering different aspects of the "Jewish Experience".

Israel Digest/American Edition (WZO)
Jerusalem, Israel

Steve provided feature articles on Jewish Americans who successfully made aliyah to Israel.

The Jerusalem Post
Jerusalem, Israel

Steve has contributed articles/commentaries on a variety of topics.

Israel Radio Anchor/Reporter/Producer
Jerusalem, Israel

Steve worked for Israel Radio's English Service, both domestic and overseas service. Based in Jerusalem, Steve traveled from Haifa in the north to Eilat in the South.

Israel Press Service/Jewish Agency
Jerusalem, Israel

Steve provided news features and personality profiles on a continuing basis.